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Checkout Moorea Ocean Adventures Watch Video

Swim with Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Rays and all of the amazing marine wildlife here on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia on a private boat tour with Moorea Ocean Adventures. We are a small company dedicated to fun, personal and informative adventure tours.

Moorea Ocean Adventures offers customized private boat tours led by our staff Marine Biologist, Matthieu Petit and Cameraman, Trevor Orth. Escape the crowded commercial tours and join one of our Moorea private boat tours which are suitable for up to 6 guests.

We specialize in offering adventure tours and experiences beyond the ordinary to swim with the amazing variety of Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, and Rays that inhabit the reefs and seas around the tropical paradise island of Moorea in French Polynesia.

Q Swim with Humpback Whales and Dolphins on Moorea

Join Moorea Ocean Adventures for a private boat tour to swim with the magnificent Humpback Whales in Moorea, French Polynesia.. We are pleased to offer small group private Whale watching tours from July through November and Dolphin watching tours throughout the year.

The lagoon and ocean surrounding Moorea, French Polynesia is warm and clear, making it one of the best places in the world to swim with and observe Humpback Whales in the mating and nursery areas. French Polynesia declared itself a Marine Mammal Sanctuary in 2002 offering protection to all of the 16 species of Whales and Dolphins found here.

Join us to support the research and conservation of Humpback Whales and Spinner Dolphins as we share all of our data and sighting reports with the Department of the Environment and local NGOs.

Q Moorea Snorkel with Reef Sharks and Stingrays

Reef Sharks outside the reef
The outer slope of the coral reef is home to blacktip reef sharks and gray reef sharks. Amazing tours for those with average snorkeling skills to expert, this is a thrilling snorkel tour in the outer coral reef with adult blacktip sharks and sometimes gray reef sharks, lemon sharks, whitetip sharks and big fish species.

Before immersion, your guide will provide you many explanations about the ecology and behavior of sharks that are strictly protected in French Polynesia and will tell you why we don’t have to fear them. After the safety instructions, you will snorkel in the blue and will soon be surrounded by reef sharks who will pose for unforgettable photos and videos! Unique experience to live with Moorea Ocean Adventures.

Stingrays and Sharks in the lagoon
Moorea is well known for its very unique site to meet the stingrays and reef sharks on a shallow sand bar in the lagoon. You can stand here, the water is about 1.3 meters deep and crystal clear. Stingrays have become accustomed to sharing their sandy bed with snorkelers and can be very inquisitive an curious when swimmers are around.

Be ready for up close and personal encounters with these wonderful reef creatures. Led by our Marine Biologist Guide, our encounters are informative and carefully managed to impact the lives of the stingrays as little as possible. We really enjoy this snorkeling site, as we know many of our guests gain a greater appreciation and respect for the stingrays and reef sharks. When fear is replaced by understanding we know that grass root conservation is at work.

Q Moorea Private Snorkel Tours

Join Moorea Ocean Adventures for premium snorkel tours to the best areas of Moorea’s lagoon and outer reefs. Our snorkel tours are unique as each reef we visit hosts different species of marine wildlife to encounter. Join our Marine Biologist Guide Matthieu and Camerman Trevor as we visit specific reefs to snorkel with iconic species like; sea turtles, reef sharks, sting rays and explore the best coral gardens.

Matthieu and Trevor look forward to welcoming you onboard for a premium snorkeling experience here in Moorea. The combination of warm, clear, blue tropical waters inside the Marine Protected Areas of Moorea make snorkeling tours here wonderful experiences for snorkelers of all experience level.

Moorea Ocean Adventures offers small group private snorkeling tours to ensure the best experience for our guests. Our Biologist and Cameraman team are also certified as open ocean lifeguards. We are able to provide personal assistance to those who may need it, and who may not feel as confident in the water.

Many of our guests join us for several half day tours to visit several of the best snorkeling spots of Moorea.

Q Moorea Ocean Adventures Big Blue Ocean Tours

Join Moorea Ocean Adventures for snorkeling expeditions into the open ocean off the coast of Moorea, French Polynesia. Led Marine Biologist Matthieu and Cameraman Trevor we invite you to explore the many different species of pelagic or open ocean marine wildlife offshore of Moorea. For the adventurous snorkeler this is the ultimate adventure, diving into the deep blue with oceanic fish, sharks, dolphins and whales. If you have never snorkeled in the big blue ocean with several kilometers of water beneath you, this will be an adventure like no other! Welcome to the kingdom of unknown life where everything could happen…

For our most adventurous guests, this is a special tour in the open sea to meet oceanic or pelagic species. This begins with the opportunity to observe marine birds hunting in the open ocean. We commonly encounter several species including; Frigates, Boobies, Noddis, Tropical tailed birds and Petrels.

We often find tuna hunting smaller fish close to the surface while birds attack from the sky. We can enter the water and investigate the action – this can be real National Geographic style adventure. If you prefer we can explore the areas around the Fishing Agreggation Devices which are a special place to meet pelagic species or, at your demand, take a rod to do some trawl fishing in the schools of sea birds !

We may encounter other species of marine wildlife like; sea turtles, Rough-toothed dolphins, Cuviers beaked whales, Pilot whales, Marlin, Swordfish and more. When we do find such amazing animals we are happy to dive into the deep blue with them for the encounter of a lifetime.

Upon request we can also arrange to encounter pelagic shark species like; silky, tiger or oceanic whitetip sharks. This is not a snorkeling expedition for beginners and all participants must have strong swimming and snorkeling skills. Please do keep in mind that when venturing into the big blue seas of Moorea we cannot guarantee encountering pelagic or oceanic species – although it is a rare occasion we do not see them.

Q Moorea Manta Snorkel Experience | Fly Underwater

Moorea Ocean Adventures offers a unique snorkeling adventure tour where you can fly underwater like a Manta Ray. Ready for a new snorkeling adventure? This is a tour suitable for snorkelers with average swimming and snorkeling skills.

Tow boards have been used for scientific research and conservation for many years. The Biologists are slowly towed behind the boat while snorkeling. This gives you the feeling of flying underwater like a Manta Ray, observing much more of the reef, sharks, turtles and fish than can be accomplished with traditional snorkeling. We have evolved the tow board from a purely scientific tool into a fun and exciting way to explore the reefs of Moorea.

The tow boards are connected to the boat by ropes, one guest and one guide will be in the water as you learn. Wearing your mask, snorkel and fins the boat slowly moves off trailing the snorkelers who can tilt the board to dive and surface as they cruise over the reef. The boat moves along at 2-3 kilometers per hour while the tow boarders dive and surface as they like. This is a fun and exciting way to observe the coral reefs and marine species like sea turtles, schools of barracuda or even dolphin.

This really is like being a Manta Ray – flying underwater. Experience what it is like to effortlessly glide over the coral reef, at home in the tropical lagoon of Moorea.

To participate in the Underwater Flying Tour Guests must:
Have current snorkeling experience
Have strong swimming skills
Be able to sustain themselves in water
Be able to climb a boat ladder
Be able to equalize their ears

Q Moorea Ocean Adventures Charter Expeditions

We extend our services (guiding and personalized videos) for charter cruises. Since the essence of Polynesia stems from its myriad of islands, what better way to visit than by sea? It’s the most authentic, surprising and natural way to discover our destination.

A catamaran is the perfect combination of a sailboat – for its independence, quiet, closeness to nature, conviviality and intimacy – and the spacious comfort of a sort of floating bungalow. It is stable and well-appointed.

We work with famous charter companies of French Polynesia and add our special skills to the experience and knowledge of the skipper. Many courses and destinations are available and it is absolutely possible to focus your trip on the discovery of marine life in the different islands and archipelagos. Please contact us for a personal proposal and quotation.

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